Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

so today  was normal, in middle school, i'm in one that starts in fifth grade, and  jeez its just a  little bit hard, not to mention all of the homework I have. Today I'm lucky because I don't have too much to work on.We're planning on having quesadillas M-mm. I have basket and Wednesdays, it kind of weird. We have separate tryout days and you can come to all of them, and then when they're all over they split us all into 2 teams at the end, and oh! I almost forgot that if we find two people to try out we get 2$!!! and for me that is a good amount of money.One of the good things about  middle school is you get to decorate your locker i have a bunch of Notre Dame stuff on the outside and on the inside I have a picture of a wolf called Fiona from a place called Wolve Park.  
well, I will write again tommorow